“The Only One” – A Poem

He gives me strength when I am weak

He shows me grace when I’m undone

He loves me every week

He is the Only One


Mysterious Motives – A Short Story

Dr. Varney was taking time to unwind. He often did this towards the end of the day by finding a comfortable place in the library to read and take notes on the day’s happenings.

Taking notes, as it turned out, seemed to have benefitted him several times in the past. Knowing particular details about particular places that just happened to be the scene of a crime can come in handy. And so, the doctor relaxed, read, and took notes.

The librarian, Mrs. Porter, approached him. She smiled kindly and said, “Doctor, the library is closing in about . . .” she glanced down to check her watch. “. . . five minutes.”

“Thank you, dear woman. I shall, as they say, make myself scarce,” he replied with a grin.

“I much appreciate your cooperation, Doctor,” she returned.

“Anytime, Mrs. Porter,” he said, walking out the door.


He woke to the sound of footsteps bounding up the stairs. They stopped for a moment and then his door opened just as he was sitting up in his bed. It was Scott.

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“Something Old, Something New” – An Essay

Over the course of Western civilization, the development of new ideas has played an integral role in shaping the modern world. Ideas once commonplace centuries ago have long been replaced by newer and more innovative thought on government, religion, society, education and other disciplines. The grand narrative of the West has been one of rejecting the prevailing beliefs of the day, returning to selective ideals of the past, and bringing about a shift in thinking. Many of these paradigm shifts have been instigated in cultural revolutions throughout history and some by catalytic occurrences. Figures from St. Augustine to Alexander Solzhenitsyn have formulated in their writings the ideas that have shaped the Great Conversation of Western civilization.

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Defeat and Recovery – An Excerpt

Bay of Biscay, 9 April 1695

              Bardsley was defeated, and he resorted to an undignified retreat as his men scrambled out of the small tight spaces within the bowels of the vessel. They immediately got Bardsley’s vessel moving as desperate pirates flung themselves off the “ghost ship” on the ropes they had left behind.

It was a hasty, undignified retreat, but they got moving before Cropson and his crew had time to thrust through more than fifteen of them.

Cropson ordered his men to get to the guns and begin to fire on Bardsley’s ship as soon as they got the guns ready


Bardsley was not concerned in putting any holes in Cropson’s ship, he was only concerned about getting the heck out of there.

His next stop: Brest, France.

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The Robotics Revolution – An Ethics Essay

From automation in manufacturing to self-driving cars, robots are becoming progressively integral to modern society. While the new technology is both interesting and exciting, it presents several problems to humanity and society. A main concern for employees is losing jobs to robots. Many repetitive jobs, such as stocking shelves or even writing simple reports, are being threatened by robots. Blue-collar as well as some white-collar occupations are at risk simply because robots are quicker and more efficient than humans in completing such tasks. As a result, there will be less people able to participate in the market and demand for products will decrease, adversely affecting the economy. Another effect of these lost jobs will be increasing apathy to issues that will have an impact in the next decade or two (such as climate change) because of the unemployed population’s struggle to stay afloat financially (Worrall).

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“This is How the Story Goes” – A Review

268x0wIt’s not everyday that I get to write a review critiquing the music of someone I know personally. However, today it is my pleasure to review Jared Grace’s Boy v. World EP, released in January of 2017. Grace’s debut EP features a sunny, catchy alt-pop sound fitting for his home state of Florida. With energetic and fun live shows, Grace has captured audiences all around Western Pennsylvania where he is currently a senior at Grove City College. Grace released the single “Pride” in July 2017 and is now poised to return to the studio to record a new song he’s been working on since late 2017.

Boy v. World (2017): 5 tracks, 20 minutes

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The Effect of Biblical Compromise – An Essay

I was looking back through some of my old files this morning and stumbled upon this. I was stunned to realize I wrote this almost five years ago. Time flies…

Many people would say Genesis is not vital to the entirety of the Bible. They would say that it is merely a compilation of made-up stories or poetic metaphors that have no place in the scientific community. They may even state that what one believes about Genesis does not matter, as long as he has accepted Christ as Savior. In reality, those broad speculations could be argued against in three main ways. In fact, Genesis 1-11 sets the stage historically and symbolically for the rest of the Bible, while also providing explanations for certain phenomena.

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