Piggy Propaganda (An expose on “Animal Farm”)

If you find yourself fascinated with totalitarian governments and how they affect the people of that state, you may want to read Animal Farm by George Orwell. While there are many elements of this piece of literature that are worthy of note, I want to focus on propaganda techniques used by the “Communist pigs” in Animal Farm, specifically manifested in the dialogue of Squealer the pig. It was interesting to note that he always went back to a single phrase to keep the laymen on his side, that the animals always ended up believing him, and how many times the story really changed.

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Audio Adrenaline Self-Titled Debut

Audioa-albumAs one of the premier CCM bands of the 1990’s, Audio Adrenaline has gained a loyal following over the years. Though their popularity skyrocketed after “Big House” debuted on Don’t Censor Me, Audio A had a rough start with their first and self-titled album from ForeFront Records in 1992. At first, they had an almost hip-hop vibe, like fellow band dcTalk, but eventually they evolved into a rock band, starting with Bloom. This was followed by Some Kind of Zombie in 1997, Underdog in 1999, Lift in 2001, Worldwide in 2003, and Until My Heart Caves In in 2005. They disbanded in 2006 due to lead singer Mark Stuart’s damaged vocal cords.

Audio Adrenaline (1992): 11 tracks, 46 minutes

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Twenty One Pilots “Blurryface” Review

Twenty-One-Pilots-ApprovedColumbus, Ohio duo Twenty One Pilots do just a little bit of everything. They’re debut self-titled album features a lot of rapped lyrics, but they have a pop sound with some keys and drums. 2013’s Vessel really kicked things off for the band and the band’s hit “Car Radio” emerged from this record. Now TOP is back with their brand new album, Blurryface.

Blurryface (2015): 14 tracks, 52 minutes

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Eugenics & Evolution?

In the short history of the United States of America, we’ve seen our fair share of social evils; the slave trade, treatment of Native Americans, and other such mistreatments of certain individuals in the society. But would it shock you if the ideologies that caused the atrocities in Nazi Germany and Soviet Russia had their roots right here in America? It was very subtle, especially in comparison to the horrors of Communism and other totalitarian governments, but it came in the form of the eugenics movement. Pioneered by Francis Galton, a British intellectual in the fields of genetics, psychology, statistics, and meteorology, and subsequently a cousin of Charles Darwin, the founder of modern evolutionary theory, he took Darwin’s ideas and brought them to their full social ramifications. What came as a result of these ideas? First and foremost, disregard for the sanctity of human life, but also racism and also the idea of an earthly utopia. In the aftermath of these assumptions, many ills have been brought on the human race in the name of progress.

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Katy Perry “PRISM” Review

KPPrismCoverHiRes80-600x595There are probably a few things you knew about the unorthodox pop-star that is Katy Perry. She’s been married to Russell Brand, in a relationship with John Mayer, and dresses in a way that keeps you guessing. But you might not know that Katy Perry was once Katy Hudson, a Christian gospel vocalist. In fact, she performed at Cedarville University and Tenth Avenue North opened for her way back when. Well, since then she’s gone off on her own. Her first two albums, One of the Boys and Teenage Dream, Perry displays the typical juvenile, carefree attitude of the pop scene. But her most recent effort, PRISM, steps outside the “prism,” one might say.

PRISM (Deluxe) (2013), 16 tracks, 61 minutes

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