The God “Conclusion”: Part 1

Richard Dawkins | 406 pages | Bantam Press, 2006[1]

14743As most of you probably know, Richard Dawkins is a famous atheist and prolific author with titles such as The Blind Watchmaker, River Out of Eden, and The Selfish Gene. He is also a professor at Oxford University.

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God and Beowulf

           Beowulf, having been written over 1,000 years ago by an anonymous author, just so happens to be the first book ever written in “English”[1]. Consequently, it was also written at about the time the author’s people were being evangelized by members of the Roman Catholic Church by order of the pope. Evidently, the author was one of the early converts as the work is full of biblical connotations such as God’s judgment in the last days, His creating of the world, and the sovereignty of God. While still including pagan histories and myths the mysterious author still managed to give credit to the one true God.

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