“Who Am I?” – a Poem

I know myself the best

But to answer “Who am I?” is quite a test.

Faults and flaws get in the way

Of what I truly do and say.

But what do others think of me?

Dad says I’m dependable

And thinks my musical ability commendable

When I’m silly I haven’t sinned,

But I’m also disciplined.

Come, there’s more to see.

My work ethic is admirable;

My dedication, incomparable.

I’m exceptional, I suppose

And I’m thoughtful as I write this prose,

Careful to choose each word correctly.

Some say I’m brilliant

Other comment that I’m intelligent

While I can sometimes be hilarious,

My intent is hardly ever nefarious.

And caring I always do my best to be.

I came with a passion for learning,

And in my mind God’s word is churning.

Molly knows all this,

For she’s not oft to miss.

And whatever she does, it’s happily.

Mr. Dave thinks I’m responsible

For I’ve never been arrested by a constable.

Like everyone else, I’m not without quirks

But I’m always looking for what works.

Counting the possibilities: one, two, and three.

I can be very animated

When I’m critically opinionated.

Details are important

So everything’s not discordant.

And if you need to talk, here I’ll always be.

I haven’t ceased to work hard,

And my reputation hasn’t been marred.

My sweetheart’s encouragement

Keeps me from discouragement.

And by my side she’s waiting patiently.

The lyrics to every song

I like to sing along.

And Mom, she just laughs,

‘Cause she knows I’m ambitious

And I’ll always try to lead diligently.

She can’t argue that I’m organized

And that I’m mature, she’s surely realized.

Of each of my motivations,

None lead to exacerbations,

Because I’m first-born quality.

But ultimately I’m a child of God,

And it’s holy wherever I have trod.

He sees me in a different light,

Even forgiving me when I’m contrite.

Who am I that he is mindful of me?

For all of this I cannot take credit,

For God Himself, He said it.

And none of this I say selfishly;

Others said this praising me,

So I can know that I am loved confidently.


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