“Some Kind of Zombie” – Audio Adrenaline Review

AudioAdrenalineSomeKindofZombieAfter the success of their breakthrough album Bloom, Audio Adrenaline returned a year later with their senior effort Some Kind of Zombie. They returned to similar territory musically for 1999’s Underdog and 2001’s Lift. Worldwide appeared in 2003 and their final record, Until My Heart Caves In dropped in 2005.

Some Kind of Zombie (1997)[1]: 10 tracks, 47 minutes

Boasting a slightly different sound as the rock-inspired Bloom, Some Kind of Zombie features significant synth additions, complementing the straight rock songs like “Blitz” and “Superfriend.” The record also features a couple acoustic-driven songs, with the rest of the band chipping in to add some builds (“Lighthouse” and “Original Species”). Songs that drift toward the new style, while still remaining most definitely Audio A include “People Like Me” and “New Body.” The title track is probably the most peculiar of the ten songs. It’s got a lot of different instrumentation: distorted guitars leading into acoustic guitars, ambient keys, strings, and a delicate falsetto; it all works together to make an interesting song.

I really like the allusion to 1 Corinthians 10:13 that Mark makes in “Some Kind of Zombie” where he says, “Oh here they come / But I’m not afraid / There’s no temptation / I can’t evade,” and later he says that “. . . I’m dead to sin like / Some kind of zombie.” The clever lyrics on “Original Species” poke fun at The Origin of Species with lines like “I see a plan so grandiose / My very own Galapagos.” “People Like Me” reminds us “I hope you never believe / Just for a moment you’re better than me / The truth is that we are the same / All different people but only one name.” There are a lot of other great lyrics on this album in every song, so they’re all worth listening to.

Seeing how far they came to make it to Bloom, Audio Adrenaline made a leap of faith on this record. It distanced itself slightly from their previous effort, but still worked out in their favor. The songs demonstrate a maturity that is needed in the Christian music scene, while still maintaining a fun, upbeat vibe. Audio A has always been talented, but all aspects of their talent really shine through on Some Kind of Zombie. 8/10.

[1] Image from https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/some-kind-of-zombie/id716276804


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