Audio Adrenaline’s “Worldwide”

AudioAdrenalineWorldwide.jpg“It’s been twelve years, the bus is still rollin’” and yet Audio A showed no signs of slowing down. Worldwide continues the band’s tradition of making solid, clean music, with an uppity edge ever since Audio Adrenaline way back in 1992. Worldwide was followed up two years later by Until My Heart Caves In, their last album with Mark Stuart as lead vocalist.

Worldwide (2003)[1]: 12 songs, 40 minutes

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Audio Adrenaline’s “Underdog”

UnderdogTwo years following the release of Some Kind of Zombie, Audio Adrenaline returned with a fifth album released on ForeFront Records. Underdog scored Audio A a few hits, including “Get Down” and “Hands and Feet.” Underdog also features a cover of Pete Townshend’s “Let My Love Open the Door” and a remake of one of their own songs (“DC-10” from Audio Adrenaline).

Underdog (1999)[1]: 12 tracks, 43 minutes

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