“Cold December Nights”

One cold night in December

I was trying to remember

What I got for Christmas last year

I think “I must have it in here”

But everything I once held dear

Is meaningless, I hear

Everyone says, “Boy,

Christmas is a time of joy,

Not a time of pain or grief,

So don’t just stand there in disbelief,

Go get into the Christmas spirit,

And share it with everyone so they can hear it”

So I thought to myself on that cold December night

“Let’s go into the world and make things right”

So that’s just what I did

Not even thinking of getting rid

Of that cold morning air

That no one could ever bear

As I went down into town I felt some relief

Of not standing there in disbelief

And I thought again of that cold December night

To think again, “Let’s make things right”


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