Audio Adrenaline “Until My Heart Caves In”

7212346604bf1857d70853435507a23c_2005After nearly fifteen years with ForeFront Records, Audio Adrenaline released Until My Heart Caves In, their final studio album with Mark Stuart at the helm. Not long after the release, Audio Adrenaline announced that they were breaking up, due to issues with Stuart’s vocal cords. Their final show was recorded and can be found on Live From Hawaii . . . The Farewell Concert from 2007.

Until My Heart Caves In (2005): 11 tracks, 38 minutes

For their last record, Audio Adrenaline pulled out the stops and went back to their classic sound, at least for the first few tracks. Again, you can really begin to hear the strain on Stuart’s vocals in “Clap Your Hands” and “Until My Heart Caves In,” both songs that bring back memories of songs like “I’m Not the King” and “Worldwide:One.” “King” recalls “Hands and Feet” and “Go and Be.” A lot of the other songs seem to blend into one, but they still differ from one another.

“Undefeated” has some great lyrics, like “They [my friends] stand beside me / When the world’s not going my way / We may be losers / But we’re winners in the end” and “Here in the valley, the valley / I know there is a mountain top  / Where I can stand and sing / Love conquers all.” “All Around Me” reminds us of the worth in everyone, “I see the imprint, I see the traces / Of Your beauty on the faces / Of all the people passing by me.”

“Your Love Keeps Lifting Me Higher” has a line that asks God to quench our desires. Our desires may seem evil at heart because of what we do to satisfy them, but at the root our desires are given to us by God. The problem occurs when we try to satisfy them outside of God’s intended context. It’s a common misconception, but one worth mentioning.

While it may not be a spectacular album, especially compared to the rest of their albums, Audio A definitely starts this one off right. The rest of the album still features many of the great lyrics that can be found on all of the Audio Adrenaline records. If you’re into Audio A, this album is essential.


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