A quiet, suburban neighborhood is thrown into confusion and peril when in the aftermath of a gruesome shooting. The details surrounding the crime are concealed by the authorities, causing unrest and suspicion among the neighbors. Matt, Emma and Evan are certainly concerned about the mysterious events and have no intention of lounging around while their friends and families may be in danger.

They make a pact to work together in the midst of distrust and disloyalty. After a few close encounters with the law and being compromised, the three unlikely friends discover the secrets behind an already disastrous crime.

What they find tests their loyalty to one another, challenges their ideas about those they care about, and will ultimately determine whether the truth is more important to them than the safety and comfort they thought they once had.

Would you be interested in reading a book with this synopsis? Please give me your feedback. I’m working on putting together a novel with this concept.


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