Each President of the United States has left his own unique legacy. George Washington was loved by all the people of the nation, and elected unanimously. He also refused to serve the third term that many of his countrymen encouraged him to take. Beyond Washington, there have been many Presidents who have left sour and sweet legacies. Most people reviled Herbert Hoover, while many embraced FDR as some sort of hero. But what will be the legacy of our current Chief Executive?

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From WATER to WAR – Nine Lashes

391c04827ff6d75891b56bcad5865ab4Birmingham, Alabama-based rock band Nine Lashes released their debut album Escape in 2009 on Collide Records. Their album happened to find its way to Trevor McNevan of Thousand Foot Krutch, who convinced Tooth & Nail Records ninelashes_fromwatertowar_coverto sign the band. They did and subsequently released their most successful album to date, World We View, in 2012. Two years later they returned with their third effort, From Water to War.

From Water to War (2014): 10 tracks, 35 minutes

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Chill Out With Mike Mains & the Branches

drop_mmb_albumMike Mains & the Branches came back in 2014 with their newest album Calm Down, Everything is Fine, an impressive, 11-track, indie-rock record. Between frontman Mike Mains’ songwriting and “the Branches’” talents on their respective instruments, MMTB are tearing down the borders of mainstream indie rock and going a little more off the wall. Standout songs feature their runaway hit “Everything’s Gonna Be Alright” and also “Take It All,” both receiving a considerable amount of attention from RaidoU.

Calm Down, Everything is Fine (2014): 11 tracks, 37 minutes

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