Each President of the United States has left his own unique legacy. George Washington was loved by all the people of the nation, and elected unanimously. He also refused to serve the third term that many of his countrymen encouraged him to take. Beyond Washington, there have been many Presidents who have left sour and sweet legacies. Most people reviled Herbert Hoover, while many embraced FDR as some sort of hero. But what will be the legacy of our current Chief Executive?

First of all, I think President Barack Obama will be remembered, like President Andrew Jackson, as the “President Veto.” Since the GOP took the majority of both houses of Congress, every attempt for partisan legislation has been blocked via the veto stamp. Not only has this Commander in Chief refused to collaborate with the opposing party, but he has also criticized them and painted them as thugs and enemies to be defeated. Coming from the leader of our nation, this is not only unprofessional, but also foolish and blatantly obstinate. The President should be willing to put the needs of the common good before the general convictions of his party. This has not happened (and likely will not happen for any future candidates), and it is a saddening fact. For this reason, I believe the President’s legacy will fall short of what it could have been.

Second, I believe the President has a faulty sense of priority. Putting the issue of climate change before the imminent threat of Islamist terrorism was as grave a mistake politically as it was logically. Further arguing that the climate was the cause of this terrorism is just as unsettling. If the President is not willing to put aside his own agenda for the defense of this Union, he is not fit to be in office. Likewise, the Commander in Chief has not demonstrated strong leadership qualities. The Iran Nuclear Deal has been a far cry from President Reagan’s authoritative and bold stance against the foes of the United States. Granted, the situation is drastically different from what it was thirty years ago. But the fact that the President has been on the short end of multiple hostage negotiations with Middle Eastern regimes does not ease my conscience in regards to the Nuclear Deal the President has concocted. For these reasons, I believe the President will not leave a positive legacy.

However, there are a few things I admire about our current Chief Executive. I admire the familial nature of the man in the Oval Office. It seems to me that he is as good a father as his occupation and still a good husband as well. These paternal qualities are ones that I wish had been translated into their political equivalents, but nevertheless he has shown himself a family man. Secondly, I enjoy his sense of humor. A leader lacking the good nature to laugh at himself once in a while is not a leader worth having. If he had not entered into politics, I have no doubt that Mr. President would have made an excellent comedian. And finally, though I may not agree with his stance on many issues, I admire the fact that President Obama has sought to align his beliefs on issues with the Word of God. While this may not be immediately evident (or even afterward), the President changed his mind on the homosexuality issue for “religious” reasons, citing Scripture. While I certainly don’t agree with his conclusions, I nevertheless appreciate his effort.

While I can’t fully know “the man behind the mask,” so to speak, I believe that the legacy of Barack Obama as President of the United States of America will, for the most part, be a negative one. Because he has not cooperated with those of differing opinions and because he has not shown strong leadership qualities, I believe this to be true. Although he is comically, paternally, and academically gifted, I can’t say that he has utilized any of these characteristics to their full potential during his terms of office. You may object that I am biased. But let me be quick to remind you that you to are biased, just as I am. No one can be free of bias (as much as some people would like to believe), for we all have preconceived ideas about the world and how it should be run. As we look forward to the coming election year, let us follow our convictions as we elect our leaders.


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