Fading West . . .

I recently went on vacation for 11 days out to the west coast. My family and I toured several National Parks and other natural areas and we were able to see some amazing things. I put together a short video featuring the highlights of the trip.

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August Burns Red Avoids the dreaded “Sophomore Slump”

August Burns RedIn 2007, August Burns Red[1] returned with their sophomore LP, Messengers.[2] This record is no “sophomore slump” as many other bands are prone to be subjected to. With the epic blend of the then newly-acquired vocalist Jake Luhrs’ songwriting, the polished, yet profoundly heavy guitar work by J.B. Brubaker and Brent Rambler, and the ever-intense, talented drumming of Matt Greiner, Messengers works out to be one of the all-time greatest ABR records, garnering several hits: “Truth of a Liar,” “Back Burner,” and “Composure.”[3]

August Burns Red - MessengersMessengers (2007): 11 songs, 48 minutes.

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Seeking Thrills with August Burns Red’s Full-Length Debut

ABR - Thrill SeekerClean cut, suburban, Lancaster-based hard-rockers August Burns Red released their first full LP in 2005 with Thrill Seeker. For this effort, vocals are courtesy of Josh McManness. Since then, they’ve gained a new lead vocalist Jake Luhrs, as well as a loyal following among metalcore fanatics. Since their hugely popular and successful Constellations album of 2009, ABR have delved deeper into creating their own unique sound. 2011’s Leveler, 2013’s Rescue & Restore, and their latest, Found in Far Away Places (2015) have shown themselves to be increasingly disinterested in the metalcore norm.[1]

Thrill Seeker (2005)[2]: 11 songs, 44 minutes.

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