P86: “Songs to Burn Your Bridges By”

phpthumb_generated_thumbnailHard rock outfit Project 86 have been around for quite a while. Their debut came in 2000, entitled Drawing Black Lines, followed by Truthless Heroes 2002, and Songs to Burn Your Bridges By in 2004. Following these releases were And the Rest Will Follow (2005), Rival Factions (2007), Picket Fence Cartel (2009), a live compilation, XV. Live. (2010), Wait for the Siren (2012), and their latest, Knives to the Future (2014). Although their success might not be immediately evident, they are one of the essential Christian hard rock artists of today.

Songs to Burn Your Bridges By (2004): 14 tracks, 50 minutes

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Hail Mary

When you think of prominent women in history, one comes to mind in particular; Mary the mother of Jesus. She suffered many hardships and mistreatments, though it may be nothing compared to what many women of the persecuted church faced, she still had a hard life initially. She was a chaste, humble, and thoughtful young woman, which are very desirable qualities, by any standard. Continue reading