Alphabetical Praise

I had a lot of fun writing this a couple years ago. It’s essentially an acrostic with each letter receiving three lines.

Amazing is Your grace, O LORD

Altogether wonderful indeed


Always I will praise You

Because of Your saving grace

By Your wounds I am healed


But LORD, I still suffer

Curses overwhelm me

Causing this pain

Calling out to You for relief

Dying on the inside

Desperate for alleviation

Do not leave me in this despairing place

Every side is an enemy

Ever ready to strike me down


Encircle me with Your mercies, LORD God

Force my adversaries away

Failure surrounds me still

For I am weak


Grant me security

God of my fathers!

Guide me in the paths of righteousness


Hide me in the shadow of Your wings

Hallow me, LORD, that I may

Hope to live with You forever


I will sing praise to You

In everything

It will be for Your glory


Joy has left me

Jumping and praise are distant

Jehovah, save me!


Keep me close

Kill my demons

Kick away those that despise me


Let me stay close by Your side and

Love You forever

Link me to You eternally


Make straight my crooked path

Mar my wicked nature and help me become a

Man of God


No one will destroy me

None shall hinder me

Nor shall I be defeated


Only because of You

O God

Opener of the heavens

Prince of Peace

Promoter of righteousness

Patroller of the whole earth


Questions haunt me, but

Quiet I shall stay

Quick to listen, but slow to speak


Remember me, O LORD

Regard my affliction

Restore me to Yourself

So that I may

Serve You wholeheartedly


Stay close

To me in the darkest times

Tarry no longer in

The paradise of Your dwelling


Utterly glorious in appearance

Unhindered in Your will

Unaffected by human affairs


Vexed am I

Voraciously I devour Your Word which

Venerates You to the highest respect


Who am I that You seek me?

Why should I benefit from Your mercies?

With thanksgiving and gladness, I shall praise You


Xiphoid is Your Word; sharp as a sword

Xenon and


You have created


Your power extends to all who

Yell Your name


Zealously, I will seek You; to

Zion I shall one day return when

Zephyrs take me to Your dwelling place


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