J. Warner Wallace, former cold-case detective turned Christian apologist is famous for looking at the Bible like a crime scene; God’s crime scene, in his book Cold Case Christianity.

Reading a blog post (Are Christians Biased?) from J. Warner Wallace, I realized something about prejudice that I never noticed before. In his post he used the word “prejudicial,” and that hit me really hard, because I had never connected prejudice to justice before. Basically, taking the root word of “justice” or “judge” and adding the prefix “pre,” it means that prejudice is judging someone before you even get to know them or see them; having pre-conceived notions about someone or something before walking that road.

Let me challenge you, as even J. Warner Wallace challenged himself, to confront our preconceptions about life, other people, the Bible, whatever it may be, and to examine whether or not they are valid.


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