This is a song that I was working on a while ago. The lyrics just sort-of flowed out of me, but I haven’t come up with any music for it yet. It’s inspired by the songs of the band Attalus, specifically their album Into the Sea and the songs “Safe,” “O the Depths,” and “Message in a Bottle.”

Sifting through the remnants of past glories

Searching for anything worth my time

Yet still loyal to my past, like the Tories

Seeking purpose in this melody and rhyme

Sick of the person I’ve become

I can’t even bear to see myself in the mirror

I, to every fleeting pleasure succumb

But all I feel is darkness drawing nearer

The feeling comes; it must be the end

This is that point of breaking

When I have nothing left to lend

My loathing soul, its thirst needs slaking

My life, it’s surely sunk

Plunging downward through black waves

My maiden voyage was a flunk

Is there no one left who saves? Continue reading