Fading West, Vol. 2

I put together this picture slideshow of this year’s family vacation to the American West. Enjoy the views!

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“Leveling” the Playing Field

I’m trying something new on this review. I’ve listened more intently to the music to imitate mainstream reviews, while still maintaining my worldview analysis of the lyrics. Any comments or criticisms on this new style are much appreciated.

Leveler SpecialAugust Burns Red have distinguished themselves as one of the most progressive bands in metalcore as they’ve grown from a startup band into a group with formidable potency. As they developed their hard-hitting, devastatingly heavy sound that has earned them a following in the hardcore community with their first three LPs, 2005’s Thrill Seeker, 2007’s Messengers, and 2009’s Constellations, they realized an excess of complacency within the genre and it drove them to create a refreshing sound for their 2011 effort Leveler. Although not nearly as technically proficient as 2013’s Rescue & Restore or 2015’s Found in Far Away Places, it proved to be a huge shift in the mindset of the Lancaster-based quintet.

Leveler [Special Edition] (2011): 16 tracks, 67 minutes

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