Sounds from Far Away Places

August Burns Red - Found in Far Away Places [Deluxe Version]

Busy in the studio every two years, August Burns Red reconvened in 2015 with Found in Far Away Places, their sixth full-length record since the band’s inception in 2003. Unsurprisingly, their sixth LP builds from the foundation of their fifth record, Rescue & Restore, which aimed to create an alternate take on the complacent metalcore genre. Likewise, Found in Far Away Places makes this quest its manifesto as well, but whereas Rescue & Restore might have managed to fool casual listeners into thinking it was just another metalcore album with singles like “Fault Line” and “Spirit Breaker,” the banjo breakdowns and surf-rock inspired sections included in Found in Far Away Places cause listeners to do a double-take: “Wait, this is August Burns Red I’m listening to, right?” Yes, indeed, my metalhead friend.

Found in Far Away Places [Deluxe Version] (2015): 14 songs, 65 minutes

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“The South-Side Window” – A Short Story

Constable Davis sat down to read. He often did this during his recovery from his encounter with Mrs. Hartley. It was about eight thirty in the evening, his typical time for leisure reading. He picked up the book he had been slowly chipping away at for the past couple weeks entitled The South-Side Window. It consisted of a modern-day mystery about a series of crimes committed using a window on the south side of the house in question as a means of entrance. This particular book fascinated him, as he loved a well-written mystery as much as anyone.

In fact, he was so engrossed in the literature that he failed to notice a slight creak as the south window of his apartment opened and a mysterious figure entered into the dwelling.

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