Thievery & Conspiracy – A Short Story

“What’s on the agenda today, Doctor?”

“I’ve got another case to investigate. It is pretty straightforward; a privileged family in the suburbs has reported a missing bauble and wants it recovered. They have blamed it on a family whom they do not particularly care for. They want the object recovered and the perpetrator or perpetrators accounted for.”

“That is indeed a very simple case. I’m surprised you’ve accepted the case,” Scott said.

“Yes, well, I’ve been quite . . . sedentary lately,” the doctor replied with a chuckle that set Scott into a fit of giggles as well. “Anyway, I need to give my brain a little exercise every once in a while, even if it is in the case of a petty thief, or thieves. Would you like to come along, my boy?”

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“Fill Me Up” – A Poem

Fill me up with Thy great love
Show me grace, like that of a dove
Make me to understand Thy word;
Sharp as a two-edged sword

I am filled with longing
For my Lord
Fill my heart with singing
Until I find my great reward

“Let’s Take the Train” – A Short Story

“Let’s take the train, Doctor,” Scott suggested. “It will be much shorter and cheaper than taking a cab.”

“That is indeed worthy of note,” Dr. Varney replied. He was testing the logical abilities of his comrade and he had just completed his task. “Let us take the train.” So they sauntered over to the ticket booth and purchased a pair of tickets for themselves.

Dr. Varney was in need of a vacation, and Mrs. Hartlet, Scott’s mother, had suggested that her son of seventeen accompany him. Dr. Varney happily obliged and they had set off the next morning for the train station after their above conversation at the doctor’s apartment.

They were headed to the countryside for a week of relaxation and a nice holiday from their busy schedules. Both were much in need of a short recuperation away from their respective places of occupation, or, in Dr. Varney’s case, the lack thereof; at least at the moment.

When they had boarded the train, they both took seats toward the rear of their respective car and almost immediately launched into one of their friendly, heated debates.

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The Auto Revolution

Automobiles were an iconic invention of the 19th century. They have had many positive practical implications, including reduced travel time, an increase in job opportunities, road trips, and easier relocation. But what broader cultural effects have automobiles had on society? Though one may not realize it, the widespread utilization and availability of the automobile has caused a change in mindset among all affected by the automobile: virtually the entire world. Though automobiles have benefitted many, they have also brought along adverse psychological effects on cultures that make wide use of them.

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