“The Only One” – A Poem

He gives me strength when I am weak

He shows me grace when I’m undone

He loves me every week

He is the Only One


Mysterious Motives – A Short Story

Dr. Varney was taking time to unwind. He often did this towards the end of the day by finding a comfortable place in the library to read and take notes on the day’s happenings.

Taking notes, as it turned out, seemed to have benefitted him several times in the past. Knowing particular details about particular places that just happened to be the scene of a crime can come in handy. And so, the doctor relaxed, read, and took notes.

The librarian, Mrs. Porter, approached him. She smiled kindly and said, “Doctor, the library is closing in about . . .” she glanced down to check her watch. “. . . five minutes.”

“Thank you, dear woman. I shall, as they say, make myself scarce,” he replied with a grin.

“I much appreciate your cooperation, Doctor,” she returned.

“Anytime, Mrs. Porter,” he said, walking out the door.


He woke to the sound of footsteps bounding up the stairs. They stopped for a moment and then his door opened just as he was sitting up in his bed. It was Scott.

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