This is a song that I was working on a while ago. The lyrics just sort-of flowed out of me, but I haven’t come up with any music for it yet. It’s inspired by the songs of the band Attalus, specifically their album Into the Sea and the songs “Safe,” “O the Depths,” and “Message in a Bottle.”

Sifting through the remnants of past glories

Searching for anything worth my time

Yet still loyal to my past, like the Tories

Seeking purpose in this melody and rhyme

Sick of the person I’ve become

I can’t even bear to see myself in the mirror

I, to every fleeting pleasure succumb

But all I feel is darkness drawing nearer

The feeling comes; it must be the end

This is that point of breaking

When I have nothing left to lend

My loathing soul, its thirst needs slaking

My life, it’s surely sunk

Plunging downward through black waves

My maiden voyage was a flunk

Is there no one left who saves?


But O, the depths of mercy

I feel my breath returning


In my deepest darkness

God you reached out to me

Pulled me up with Your Harness

Until at last I could finally see


And O, the depths of Your grace

You saw me drunk and drowning


My glories are no longer mine

For I have bestowed them upon my King

My failings You struck out with a line

There is purpose to this melody; I sing


“O, the depths of Your love”

I think I’m finally learning


Nothing I have done can cede

Me into the hand of the Enemy

You fulfilled my every need

And now Lord, please send me



O, to ever serve You

No more relentless searching




And one day I’ll fly to that place

Be forever warmed in Thy embrace

Sin’s power will then be null

There’ll be no rusty holes in my hull

Death is dead, rejoice o’er and o’er

Life abundant, never a bore

Throughout eternity with all the starry host

Of its end we’ll never reach the coast

My lungs with fill with praise evermore

To the one for whom the veil tore

Glory to God in the highest

He’s made my heavy wings lightest

He who only is my Sovereign

Plead my cause, yes, for all sinful men

Now I find rest in all I am

Because I lie at the feet of the Lamb

The Earliest of Automobiles

The first legitimate automobile is considered to be the Cugnot Steam Tractor. It is considered an automobile, because the vehicle was able to propel itself on its own.          The innovative three-wheeler, designed in 1769 by Nicholas Joseph Cugnot, the motivation for its creation was the war effort. The French Minister of War, Etienne-François, had wanted a device that could carry heavy artillery equipment or other various odds and ends along the battlefield.

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Laura Clawson on Art

As I was catching up on some old e-mails, I came across one from the Summit Alumni Network (see Summit Brain Training for more information), I came across a great way to view art, specifically postmodern art. I’ve been to modern art museums and personally, random paint splatters on a canvas doesn’t speak to me artistically. But Summit grad Laura Clawson brings up a great point when she mentioned this in an interview with the Summit Alumni Network:

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Not-So-Final Fantasy

Below is an excerpt from one novel I’ve (more or less) been working on. Comments and/or criticisms are greatly appreciated!

Chapter III: The Battle at Redfort

Eighteen miles away, in the Village of Redfort, the orcs had arrived. The men of the village had sent their wives and children away to Roderiam and had arrayed along the wooden fortifications of the village, ready for battle. The 500 men of the King were also there, and had organized an effective setup for the reinforcements at their command.

A minute later, the orcs pounded on the gate of the village. A dozen men stood with bows drawn, facing the door, and waiting for them to break through. When they did, the archers shot ten of the orcs through the head, and they all fell immediately, the archers fled from the second wave and men on top of the gate dropped rocks and shot at them from above, while the archers regrouped for a counter attack.

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