“A Pirate’s Excerpt”

Below is a chapter from one of my novel projects, entitled A Pirate’s Tale.

Chapter III: Escape,Pursuit, and Revenge


Casablanca, Morocco,4 April 1695

“Cap’n, sir! Bardsley ‘as just escaped from Casablanca on a ship that just left Casa Port! We lost three men in the attempt to stop ‘im, and the other two are drying off after falling into the ‘arbor trying to board the ship,” Trocas, his quartermaster, interjected.

“’en I guess we better get out of this ‘white ‘ole’ if ye knows what I mean,” the Captain replied.


Forty-five minutes later, they were boarding ship and raring to get moving. But, preparations had to be made.

And so, two hundred and seventy minutes after initial alert, they were on the water moving toward England, they only lead they had, in finding Bardsley. All thanks to his brave sailors who had attempted to board Bardsley’s vessel.

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Clever Connoisseurs – A Short Story

“We can’t make head or tail of this,” Constable Davis reported. Dr. Varney had been requested to solve a new case. The case consisted of a highly prized head bust that was reported missing from someone’s private library of quite impressive proportions. The woman who hired their services was none other than Madame Eunice Hartley, a very privileged young woman married to a lord in a very high position of the government. It seemed a simple case, but all was not so.

“The bust head can be separated from the meter-high pedestal, allowing it to be more easily removed and stolen,” Constable Davis continued. “Quite oddly, the pedestal had been lugged outside into the landscaping and that’s where the burglar must have figured that the head could be removed. We recovered the pedestal in the bushes, but the head is still missing.”

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“Imagine the Vision” – A Review

Imagine Dragons - Night Visions

Imagine Dragons released their Interscope Records debut Night Visions in late 2012, making waves in the pop and rock world. With elements of synth pop and alternative rock, the debut quickly topped the charts around the world with singles such as “Radioactive,” “It’s Time,” “Demons,” and “On Top of the World.”[1]

Night Visions [Deluxe Edition] (2012): 17 songs, 66 minutes[2]

Overall Impressions

As popular as this record has become over the six years since its release, I’ve still enjoyed listening to it for this review. While I’ve been most familiar with the radio singles, some of the gems hiding within the tracks of Night Visions have really struck a chord with me. Musically, this album visits a variety of places for a pop or rock record. From the mandolin intro from “It’s Time,” to the heavy synth on tracks like “Radioactive” and “Underdog,” there’s a lot to sit and listen to.

Unfortunately, though Night Visions contains a lot of positive themes and great lines, it exhibits an overall lack of hope. Even tracks that are meant to be fun and uplifting don’t seem to have a full resolution of hope, with the possible exception of “On Top of the World.”

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“The New Awakening” of Jesse Leach – A Review

The first album to feature original vocalist Jesse Leach on vocals since 2002’s Alive or Just Breathing, metalcore mainstreamers Killswitch Engage released their sixth full-length LP Disarm the Descent in 2013. Leach considers it to be one of the heaviest and fastest Killswitch records to date and the critics agree; Disarm the Descent received extremely favorable reviews. According to reviewers, the album is a true standout amidst the band’s releases to date.[1]

Disarm the Descent [Special Edition] (2013): 16 tracks, 54 minutes[2]

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Entangled & Strangled – A Short Story

Just as she did every Thursday morning, Clara Connolly entered the doctor’s modest apartment carrying his mail in the crook of her arm.

“Here’s this morning’s mail, Doctor,” she said pleasantly, with that huge smile that overtook her entire face. He couldn’t help but return her gesture.

“Good morning, dear Clara. How are you this fine morning?”

“I’m doing just peachy, Doctor. And how might you be?”

“As well as it gets, I suppose,” he returned with a smirk.

“Good to hear,” she replied. A few moments later she said, “Well, I certainly hope the rest of your day goes as well as it is presently.”

“And the same to you as well, my dear Clara.”

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